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Music Together in Phoenix

More than just a music class, Music Together is about connecting – with music, with your child and with other families in your community. Playful and enriching, it’s 45 minutes of fun (for everyone!) with benefits that extend far beyond the classroom. (….and if there is more space) In a relaxed family-style environment, our teachers lead inspired and energetic weekly classes. You’ll sing and dance to songs ranging from tender lullabies to boisterous jams. The no-pressure approach of our mixed-age class lets all little ones learn in their own way. We give you the tools and resources you need to engage your child with music anytime and anywhere. And this music learning, that’s fun and formative, supports your child’s overall development. Music Together helps children of all ages – from babies to 8-year-olds – discover their inner music-maker by playing with the grownups they love (that’s you)!