Membership FAQ

How do I place my membership on hold or cancel it?

You cannot go online and place your membership on hold or cancel it yourself. To cancel or have a hold placed, email and indicate when you want your hold or cancellation to go into effect. Memberships will be placed on hold for a maximum of 4 months unless otherwise stated in an email from the member. Instructors are not authorized to place memberships on hold or cancel them for clients.

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When can I place my membership on hold or cancel it?

Holds and cancellations need to start on the day of your next billing cycle or later. If you are billed on the 6th of every month, for example, you need to send an email to us at least 30 days prior to that date to let us know to place your membership on hold or cancel it starting on the 6th or a later date. There are no refunds on dues once they have been paid, so all changes to the status of a membership need to take effect prior to the billing date.

Ho do I change my return date on my hold?

You can return from your hold on any day of the month. You need to email when you are ready to return to class if it is sooner than your scheduled return date, and we will start your membership back on the date you indicate.

Is there a fee for placing a membership on hold?

No, there is no fee.

Can I attend classes when my membership is on hold?

When your membership is on hold, you can attend classes at the drop in rate of $15/class. The instructor will place the sale and charge the credit card on file for your monthly dues unless you indicate an alternate form of payment to use.

What is the registration fee for a membership?

There is an $85 fee for all new monthly memberships. This fee covers your class equipment (red and green tubes) as well as registration.

How do I update my credit card on file?

To update your credit card on file, log into your front desk account and go to:

Your Account

Account Info

Manage Payment Methods

Make sure you hit save at the end and you delete the old card on file.

If you monthly dues payment fails and you do not respond to our emails to update your credit card information, your membership will be cancelled.

Who do I contact with questions about my membership?

Contact Amy Hinderer Feltus, the Franchise Owner, at or 602.391.6179.

Is my membership transferable to another franchise location?

No, memberships are only valid in the franchise in which they were purchased. If you move to an area outside of our franchise, you need to cancel your membership, and then you can sign up in the new location.

Can I receive credit for my unused pass to apply to a membership?

Yes! If you purchase a class pass within the franchise and it is still valid, you may apply a credit of the unused classes towards the purchase of one of our unlimited monthly memberships. Contact Amy at to do this.