Client Testimonials

Melissa, Stroller Strides Client

I never imagined when I started Stroller Strides what it would turn into and mean for my life. I've lost 30.5 lbs, 5.5" off my waist and 9" of my hips!! But what I've gained is so much more important. Confidence, pride, strength and health, which I now get to pass onto my kids who see me work so hard every day.

I've also made the most amazing friendships which have contributed significantly to the happiness I feel daily when I get to spend time with these amazing women. The tribe I have found sees me fail and succeed daily in both fitness and parenting and they are always there to push me, support me and be my rock. Thank you to all of you for being what this stay at home mom desperately needed in her life!

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Elana, Stroller Strides Client

Joining Stroller Strides was one of the best decisions I have made as a mother. It's not just a work-out, it's a community. I'm able to bring my kids with me while I exercise during the day and not take away from precious family time when my husband is home. I'm also setting a great example for my children who see mommy living a fit and active lifestyle. I've made some wonderful mommy friends, so it's also a great opportunity for ME to socialize with other adults, and my sons also get to play with other kids and have also made friends of their own.

It's also been great to have a daily routine where we get up, get ready, and LEAVE the house! It's amazing how much more I get accomplished on the days when we go to stroller strides.

Since joining stroller strides almost 5 months ago I have lost over 30 pounds and am back to my pre-pregnancy weight from my first, and still losing weight!


Hilary, Stroller Strides Client

Stroller strides is the best thing that happened to me since giving birth! I feel validated, supported, encouraged and invigorated every day that I attend. It makes me want to better myself and connect with other women who are walking in my shoes. I would be lost without this group-aka- my village!!


Jenny, Stroller Strides Client

I started doing Stroller Strides in 2012 when my son was just 10 weeks old. I can honestly say that joining was one of the best decisions I've made since becoming a mom. While I was pretty active before I had kids, I had no idea how to get back into shape and lose the baby weight while taking care of a newborn. I planned to return to work part-time after maternity leave and was struggling with a lot of "mommy guilt" since my son would be spending three long days a week at daycare. Putting him in childcare at a gym and spending more time away from him on my days off was not a good option for me, so I was very excited when another new mom told me about FIT4MOM. The workout totally kicked my butt (in the best way possible), and helped me get down below my pre-pregnancy weight, something I never thought would happen. I did Stroller Strides throughout my entire second pregnancy, which helped me stay active and bounce back much quicker the second time around. My husband even attends classes with me on Saturday mornings, so it has been a fantastic way for our entire family to be healthy and stay in shape.

While the workout is amazing, FIT4MOM is so much more than just another fitness class. I only lived in Arizona for a couple of years before I had my son, and Stroller Strides really helped me find my village, an awesome group of fellow mommy friends. Since we all had our young kids in common, it was amazing to have a group to talk to about common baby questions. We also schedule play dates and happy hours, which really helped me feel like myself again.

Before I started the program, I had no idea how much the kids would actually enjoy coming along to class. I initially was worried about my kids crying in the stroller and I found it is no big deal if you need to step away for a minute to take care of them. It quickly became part of our daily routine. My son asks to go to Stroller Strides! I love that my kids are seeing first-hand how exercise can be fun, and that I'm setting a good example for them. I can't say enough good things about FIT4MOM and I recommend this awesome program to any new mommy!

Jennifer, Body Back Client

I am a 38 year old mom to a 4 year old son and a 7 year old daughter. I joined FIT4MOM and started going to Stroller Strides classes when my daughter was 2 months old. I loved the classes and the village of moms that I looked forward to seeing every week. After we moved, I stopped going to classes and wasn't taking time for myself to make the best choices with food and exercise. When I saw that there was going to be a Body Back session near my son's pre-school, it was a sign! I knew I needed to sign up and give this program a try. I'm so happy that I did, it's been the best thing I've done for myself in a long time!

Throughout the eight weeks I was given the tools, motivation and encouragement to know that I'm stronger than I thought, and that I can make changes in my lifestyle for myself and my family. The weekly workouts were challenging and pushed me hard. I relied on the online component that included real food recipes, bonus workouts and weekly fitness and lifestyle goals to keep me on track on the days we didn't meet.

My results amazed me! I lost 12 pounds and 18 inches. I took almost 2 minutes off my mile time and held a plank for over 3 minutes. I signed up for a Tough Mudder and amazed myself by finishing challenges I never thought I was strong enough for. I have more energy and my clothes fit better. Most importantly, I gained the knowledge and confidence that I can make better choices! I now regularly meal plan and am more conscious of what I'm eating and how much exercise I'm getting. I know that I can maintain these results because I've made a lifestyle change. Body Back gives you the tools you need to maintain a new lifestyle!